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Giving up a Dog
Senior Sanctuary Dogs: E-mail or call with specifics, space is limited but when a spot becomes available we fill it quickly due to the tremendous need for sanctuary care. We keep our sanctuary foster homes filled to capacity.  We are devoted to caring for our seniors.
Are you looking to surrender a young or adult ADOPTABLE dog?  Before you call please understand, we have very limited foster home space. Even more limited on space for large breed dogs.  We can try to help you re-home a dog but the chance of a foster spot becoming available immediatly is very slim,  An unusual number of people call to surrender dogs that for many reasons are not their dogs, they belong to friends or neighbors AND sadly, they have waited until the last minute and  the dog must be "out" in a very short period of time.  As a small rescue we are not able to take dogs in on such short notice.   We would also require full information about or from the owner, vet records, and in most cases a surrender donation to cover future costs if any.
We do our best to help those who must surrender dogs, but we do not have a facility and are not able to take in a dog we do not have a foster home for.
If you love dogs and are interested in volunteer opportunities working with a dedicated and a friendly group of dog lovers please contact us. We need help in event planning, fundraising, grooming,and transport. WE ARE IN URGENT NEED OF FOSTER HOMES.  DROP BY OUR NEXT ADOPTION EVENT TO DISCUSS FOSTERING or e-mail feb4cem@optonline.net today!



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